Criminal Records, Expungement Question about SERNA and a previous misdemeanor and employment in CA

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Here is my story.

I had no history with the law until a few years back, I mean I had a few speeding tickets, and I had to do 5 days in county jail due to a missed court date, but that was all. Just driving stuff.

I got into a dispute with an ex that turned into a domestic assault case (She turned out to be a psychopath and that was the end of our relationship), eventually with a PI we were able to get the charges reduced to a disturbing the peace misdemeanor.

I did my probation, classes, etc, that is all signed off.

Next, one week after the first case was closed as I was enrolling in probation, I get a heinous charge that was completely bogus, it was charged as a 286.5, crime against nature (It's a long story, I won't get into the details, needless to say the case was bogus) I contacted an attorney, told him what happened, he went back and forth with the DA for 3 years. I was free, had a job, did my probation, came in contact with local authorities several times, in fact the very ones that questioned me initially before they got the warrant. Cut to the chase, it turned out that they never had any evidence and pursued the case purely off of a rumor. Next thing I know I get a document saying the case is dismissed under SERNA motion.

Now, my question is. I want to apply for employment but job applications suddenly want information about misdemeanors, and felonies irregardless of being found guilty or not guilty or dismissed. I don't want to leave it off the application, in case it shows up, but I don't want to put it down if it isn't going to.

If the case was dropped due to a SERNA does it even show up on a background check?

Also my lawyer told me that my misdemeanor could not be expunged for probably a year, is this true? It was charged 3 years ago. He said it had something to do with this most recent case, and I shouldn't push it right now because they were mad they had essentially lost two cases against me.

And finally, is it possible to expunge the SERNA movement if it showing up? I really don't want future employers to see this scandalous dropped charge and assume I'm a complete deviant. Is this going to fudge the rest of my life?

How can we say what will show up, and what won't?
We can't.
Your attorney gave you advice, follow it.
The only other choice you can make is claim no convictions, which is true.
Asking about arrests is normally not done.
Asking about convictions is acceptable and legal.
I have heard that everything shows up on some investigations, and nothing on others.
Most people roll the dice.
What have you got to lose is what they say.
Thanks : )

Let me rephrase my question a bit.

I'm looking for anyone from CA that has a Misdemeanor on their record, or has had a felony charge dismissed or SERNA'd. I want to know how this has affected your employment, and at what kind of jobs did it affect you? Also, if you had similar charges to these, and had your background expunged, was it ever an issue with employers.

I trust my lawyer, and I will take his advice, however I like to be proactive and if there is information that might help me I would like to gather it.

Thanks again
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