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I was charged with a first degree felony. The alleged "victim" lied, causing a false arrest, my being in jail and a new chapter of five very stressful months, dollars spent on lawyer... anyway, five months later, evidence shows that victim did lie, that the charges were completely exaggerated, that if anything, a trespass was the maximum I can be found guilty of... I have the choice to accept a PTI or go to trial. I am told that the best would be PTI as a trial: there is always a possibility that things go the wrong way... I have a green card. No prior record. lived in the US for 30 years... Just would like to find out what others may choose to do in the situation: a PTI or trial? In advance, thank you.

PS. If PTI, I would enter the program with charge of 3rd degree felony. The lawyer strongly believes that if going to trial, charges will be reduced to a trespass if not case completely dismissed. Lawyer thinks I should go with the safe PTI option though.
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Unfortunately I think this is far too complex for a message board; this can impact your residency massively and you need to consult with an immigration attorney as well as a criminal defense attorney.
If I knew I was innocent, I'd never take a deal.

The worse that can happen is you'll be kicked out if the US.
So what?
I'm kicking myself out if the US, and I was born here.
We're moving to Belize, already bought a home and set up camp down there.

So, if it was me, I'd so no deal. Lets go to trial.
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