Premises Liability proving negligence

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During a storm, an old tree fell on several cars in my apartment complex parking lot, including mine. My car was completely destroyed. I know that my auto insurance is responsible for the damage unless I can prove negligence. I believe that this tree was dying. My landlord admitted that the tree was probably damaged several years ago in another storm.

My question is :

1) Is that admission enough to prove prior knowledge and that something should have been done about the tree before? How do I prove negligence?

2) Can I still sue my landlard if my insurance company has paid out?

3) Can I sue for the cost of another car? What my insurance will pay out will not buy a car that is reliable. Can I only get the value of the car I lost?
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my son has falling off the treadmill at the holiday inn,he got 3 stiches in his lip and one of his tooth were nock ou.Are they liable
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