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Proposed Adult Ward Being Taken from Country

Discussion in 'Guardians & Conservators' started by SuperTed, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. SuperTed

    SuperTed Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I filed a petition for guardianship for my mother. Two doctors have confirmed her diagnosis of dementia, Adult Protective Services wrote a lengthy report recommending guardianship, several people in the community have shown concern for my mother's changing behavior and mental competency (including the attorney representing her!). The guardianship hearing is less than two weeks away, and there appears to be little doubt that guardianship will be granted.

    In December, 2018, my brother "helped" my mother change all of her legal documents. He is now her personal representative, her PoA for health care and finance, and receives her house via ToD. Previously, he appeared on none of those documents. About three weeks ago, my brother showed up and began "helping" my mother change all of her financial accounts, presumably to include him. He also contacted the Passport Renewal Agency. He admitted last week that his plan is to take her (and presumably her money) back to England with him. He lives there, does not have full time employment, and shares a one-room condo with his wife and two small children.

    Note: there are no activated powers of attorney.

    Assuming guardianship is granted, what happens if Mom is in England? Would the guardian (presumably me) have legal grounds to demand that she and her money be returned?
  2. zddoodah

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