Negligence, Other Injury Product Liability, Brain Damage

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This post is giving ME brain damage. Can I sue the OP?
However, you still have done nothing to connect HOW the monitor caused you to have all of these problems EVEN WHEN OFF!!!

I didn't say it caused me damage when it was off, I said it gave me a very bad impression.

There is a concept in the law called "res ipsa loquitur" that the actions speak for themselves - they could not be caused by anything else. This only occurs when the conclusion is obvious. For example, a piano moving company is moving a grand piano. They have it on a crane being hauled out of a window. A woman's dog unfortunately gets crushed when the piano falls. Was there negligence? The woman can't pinpoint who was negligent but the act speaks for itself. The moving company, absent a clear act of G-d, was responsible for the safe transport of the piano and it is clear they failed in their duty.

now you're complicating too much.

So the first LCD monitor, even off, gave you brain damage because you didn't get damage from this monitor. That's not the way it works. If your family and nobody else on the planet suffered using that first LCD monitor, than any jury will clearly conclude that the problem is you, not the monitor. Add to it that you think it is the "evil" quality of the monitor, even when off, and they will send you to a psychologist and never give you an award. It doesn't even make sense.

If the problem is me then my current monitor would have caused me damage as well besides we all know they progressed with time.
With regard to the minor slip, that is a BETTER case. At least if someone fell on a sidewalk that had a crack or there was snow that wasn't cleared, a jury could easily conclude that the home owner didn't properly take care of the condition of the street which could easily be seen as causing the injury.

Could I see inside the monitor, should such thing be in sale in the first place? You talk like my dad is a multi-billion company. If they are losing $5 mil for lack of responsibility then they are doing so deservedly. Are you comparing a minor slip with a brain damage?
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Honestly, and with no disrespect to the OP, you seriously sound like you are exhibiting signs of paranoid schizophrenia. I'm not making a joke or putting you down. If you have any hope of making your case you will first have to show that your "feelings" are not due to a mental condition. So maybe instead of a lie detector test, why don't you have a psychologist do a psychological battery.

If you think about it, the people you are going to try to convince in your suit are going to be just like us. We are very skeptical and so they will be also. If you rule out psychosocial pathology your argument will gain some credibility.

Realize, you can't be insulted that I think you could possibly have psychological problems. YOU are claiming to have brain damage and if I take you at your word then we only have to determine the CAUSE of your brain damage, not the fact that it exists.

So, ruling out psychological pathology would be your first step.
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