Extension, Renewal Process of failed inspection and renewal of sec 8 papers and lease

Mony Tracey

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I've been living in my apartment for about 4 years and the original owner was supposed to change carpets and fix quite a few issues but she ended up selling the house so for the past 2years Ive been dealing with issues and owner after owner so nothing got done. The main problems are my 2nd shower doesn't work it hasn't since we moved in 4 years ago , there's mold spottings all over and the carpeting was supposed to be changed by the original landlord who promised me to just get in the apartment and then the carpeting would be changed. I'm on section 8 and all the paperwork and Inspection were done and we were able to move in within days and she had not changed the carpets yet so that is why we moved in and agreed to be there while they were being done. Well she never changed the carpets which were over 8 years old she brought over a carpet cleaner but that only made it a lot worse! The dirt that sat at the bottom had risen to the top and the carpet looked and felt like it had spots of tar and stains worse then before. Now 2 years later buyer after buyer a reality companies owns the house . I just had an inspection for section 8 it failed so they gave them another date the second Inspection. While the unit was failed the landlord told me I had to sign my paperwork which is section papers and the lease renewal. The section 8 inspector and my section 8 worker told me that I didn't have to sign it right now especially if I was thinking about moving! So I told the landlord that I was told I didn't have to sign right now. He threatened me and said that if I didn't sign it within the couple days he had given me then he would contact his lawyer and evict me, he also lied to me and said that he talked to my section 8 worker and she said I have to sign his paperwork. I still have the conversations saved. The landlord also put tags on items that needed to be moved or gone the tag gave the tenants a week but they came the next day and took my brand new wash and dryer that i had on my small trailer yet they left the trailer so I was wondering if I had enough to contact a lawyer there are so many things they are doing that aren't right but I already asked so much thank you so much and if you can advise me in any way it is truly appreciated

My carpets were supposed to be changed when I first moved in but the house was sold. The carpets are over 10 yrs old and are not in a living condition. I have section 8 they failed 3 inspections but they keep giving them more time but nothing ever gets done my children cant even walk across the house barefoot. They have been treating us horribly and now they are acting like they cant fix anything bc I wont contact them when all I have been doing is contacting them and sending pictures they came and took my property when they put a tag on items and had given us a week but they came the very next day i have a small trailer in my yard they left it but took my brand new washer and dryer I dont think its legal to touch my property that is in the trailer especially if they had no problem with the trailer being there should i contact a lawyer
if you can advise me in any way it is truly appreciated

It might be best for you if you visited in person the Section 8 office and spoke with your caseworker, or any available caseworker TOMORROW.

When you go take ALL of the proof and evidence you have collected to help buttress your position.

When you speak make sure you look sad, confused, and betrayed.

Be sure you BEG the agency and the worker to help you move ASAP.

If that fails, your next step would be to contact your US Congressperson and US Senators.

For your sake, I hope the agency will go to bat for you!

In the future, if an apartment sucks before you move in, DON'T move in, wait!
My best suggestion for you is to begin immediately to search for a new apartment with better management. You have lived there long enough to know that nothing is going to change.
As for your washer and dryer, if they were taken without your permission and you do not know where they are, report them stolen. If you do know where they are either go get them or contact the person in possession and demand return.
should i contact a lawyer

You are free, as is anyone else, to speak with a lawyer; even 1,000 lawyers.

Bear in mind that legal issues aren't resolved in 60 minutes as portrayed on legal drama television shows.

It takes months, often years, before a lawsuit is resolved.

It also takes money to prosecute a lawsuit.

That money must be paid up front, as lawyers don't take garden variety civil matters on a contingency basis.

It is best to try and resolve a legal dispute OUT OF COURT, faster, and cheaper, too!