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Problem with tax handler

Discussion in 'Mobile Apps' started by varesstl, May 5, 2016.

  1. varesstl

    varesstl Law Topic Starter Guest

    I'm having problems with my tax guy. He did my taxes and I paid him and it was over. He called me a few days later and said there was a problem. I didn't respond for a while and then when I finally spoke to him he asked me to come in because there was a mistake. It was his fault but he wouldn't admit to it and I didn't bother forcing him to admit his mistake. Anyway, he asked me to come in because it was too complicated to do over the phone so I did and found out it was simple and could've easily been done over the phone. He asked me to come in again another day to sign the papers and we agreed that I'd come in on the weekend to do it. I came in on the weekend and he hadn't finished and gave a bunch of excuses for why he didn't finish and he also said we never agreed on the weekend. He agreed to mail me the papers and I'd sign it and mail it. He took a very long time and I finally contacted him and he told me he would have it mailed by the next day. He didn't finish and I got frustrated and told him he said he would have it done by that day. He told me he would send it the next morning and we started arguing because I was tired of all his shit. He also told me that if he mailed it, he wouldn't be responsible if anything went wrong. I called him the next day and he gave his whole side of the story and blamed me for contacting him too late when he said there was a mistake even though he made the mistake and made me go over there twice for no reason. I sat there and listened to him explain his whole side and when I wanted to tell him how it was his fault he said he didn't have time to listen because he had a client in front of him. I got mad and we started arguing and then he hung up on me. I don't know if he is sending the papers because I didn't agree to him not being responsible for any trouble with the papers.

    Is there anything I can do because I don't have time to go over there? I'm in high school with a full time job and I've basically been picking up after his slack and I'm tired of it. Can I hold anything against him legally or do anything at all?

  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    There's a very easy solution.
    You can file your own taxes online.
    Google "IRS tax preparation online"
    You'll see a plethora of online tax sites.
    For as little as NOTHING, to about $50.00, you can file and submit your taxes in 30 minutes or less, especially if you're working part-time and attending high school.

    If you're doing a 1040-EZ, those are FREE.

    Online, DIY, is easy because you'll do it without human interaction which could allow arguments to ensue.

    As far as the other guy, tell him VERY NICELY, thanks buddy, but keep the money I paid and forget it. If he's filed it already, ask him if he'd allow you to come by at his leisure to get some copies.

    If he hasn't filed, as I said, thank him and say that's cool buddy, please forget it.
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  3. Michael Wechsler

    Michael Wechsler Administrator Staff Member

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    Here is the $64,000 question - what are your damages? Certainly you can hold him liable. If he corrected a mistake and you refiled with the IRS and you ended up owing more money, you have no damages. You owed what you owed in taxes. If you want to sue him for time resulting from his mistake, that's possible too. You'd probably do best in small claims court. You can list your damages there, which I'm not sure what they would be. Did you have to take off from work? Hypothetically, let's assume you were getting minimum wage and your entire time exhausted on this was 2 hours. This means your maximum potential damages are $30 - assuming you can prove negligence too.

    And if you ask me, any judge or arbitrator would look at such a lawsuit and shake their heads in amazement. Do as @army judge says - buy Tax Cut or Turbo Tax or any of the tax programs or just hire someone else.

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