Jail probation officer being unfare corrupt

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I'm in a situation were my fiances Probation officer he's had only since Oct 2013 is putting him through hell he has threatened him made him move outta our home with my daughters n I over saying we missed ffour counciling sessions and I got my billing records n she billed us for days we had no appointments with her n 2 she canceled due to weather and made it so he had to move out n couldn't have contact for 2 to 3 months when the sanction was up n a month his po just kept canceling the appointments n now his po put him n jail cause he's sating he's not working n sating he missed appointment with his po n all that's lies n we have all the proof he's been working at Youngs farm no its not full time but its work n his po nows that cause he even showed up a at his work n saw him n for his po saying he hasn't seen him n a while that's bull cause the week be4 they put him n jail his po saw him 3 times 3 days n a row what can we do his po has straight up lied even to our counciler on everything n saying he don't like me n will make it so my fiance n I r not together al did have another po before this one for 3 years n never ever once was sanctioned or violated the very first day he got this po he sanctions him n since October to now his po has sanctioned him 3 times Something needs to be done this po NEEDS to be investigated a lot more than I have written fas happened like with taking him from our home for a ride n threatened him n he asked for a new po n his po said it would be a cold day n hell be4 he allowed that there is a lot more going on n on all the stuff the po is charging him with we have all the physical evidence to prove that the probation officer us lieing really bad we definitely have a lot of infk and probably a very good law suit on that po n we really reall u need help cause my fiance is just sitting in jail litteraly on bogus stuff if u actually were to contact him u would literally say o my god what the hell
Your friend needs to obey his probation officer.

If he causes trouble, he'll lose.

Probation is simply virtual incarceration.

Keep pushing things, he'll find himself locked up, facing a revocation.

Some battles you just can't win, and this is one.
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