Probation abusing power out of personal anger..amendment



New York
I was put on probation for an arrest out of New Jersey ans since I am a New York resident my probation was transferred to my for oversight. My probation office that I was assigned to in New York was my probation 12 years ago for a different case. While on probation this officer and I didn't see eye to eye and at o point I had pulled him from behind his desk and "punched" him in the face as a fesult of a remark from him telling me that I was a piece of shit father. Fortunately his superior had seen the incident and he was suspended for 6 months and I was assigned a new officer. Now I'm probation with him 12 years later and he has not forgot or forgives. The comment from from our first meeting was " hey look it's just like it was 12 yrs ago all over again". I have complied with everything in my drug and alcohol conditions. I was sent by him to a local crisis center and my evaluation I did fit the criteria to stay and the were releasing for an outpatient program, however a phone to my probation by the crisis staff end with him telling them to keep against their recommendations. Is this abuse of his power? I was clean and all my urine test have been clean. And since our incident years ago is there like a conflict of interest & my appointed officer could be changed? He greets me with an order like next I call u u better call back ASAP or there's gonna be problems. He has questioned my wife about her personal life : why she doesn't work and what she does and suggesting she get a job ASAP and it will become to to her why soon. I need advice because he's going to everything he can to get back at me for what happened years ago& im not that same person, I grew up, have a family a business and he's already having a negative impact on all aspects of my life. What can I do to stop this guy from taking all the things I worked so hard for just because HE don't like me.

I just posted " probation officer abusing power out of personal anger. I just noticed a huge mistake and the reason I'm seeking help. When I was sent to the crisis center for evaluation I DID NOT FIT THE CRITERIA to be in the crisis unit, the were actually going crazy trying to reasons to keep me because my probation office told them to keep me and if I left he would violate me, so they won't get paid for my 3 day crisi detox stay because I was clean and they no reason to keep in the unit for detox.
I suggest you stay on the straight and narrow.
Follow the terms of your probation agreement to the letter.
You caught a couple good breaks.
Having your probation transferred to NY was a courtesy to you.
Don't mess that up.
You've been to this rodeo before, so you know the rules.
You got lucky the last time, and again with THIS probation.
It's easy, mate, yes sir, no ma'am, etc...

Don't talk back, except to say, YES, I UNDERSTAND, THANK YOU, COULD YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN, I'M NOT CLEAR, etc...

You don't have a case here, but be smart, and don't catch another one!!!
So you assaulted your probation officer, didn't suffer any consequences and you're now upset that he hasn't forgotten it?

Live with it. Sticks and stones etc. You SHOULD have been charged with felony assault.

It is YOU taking away the things you "worked so hard for" by being a repeat offender. If you didn't get yourself arrested you'd have no issue with probation now.