Port of entry and my arrest

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I have been in West palm beach for one month (December 2013 on tourist visa). In that time I was arrested for petti theft. It was a totall missunderstanding but I didn't have any other options but to cooperate with police. I have morals and values so I didn't want to have this unresolved so I hired a criminal lawyer to represent me on court. In January I had court date and my lawyer told me my case was Nolle prosequi. He sent me a notice of dismissal. My case was dismissed after I did 25 hours of community service. I didn't jave to plea. I want to visit USA again. Now I wonder what kind of problems may I run into and what kind of documents should I have with me. I know that I can not apply for ESTA any more. But that is all I know
I am home in Europe now.
That was my first and only arrest
If you're smart, don't ever come back to the country formerly known as the United States of America.

No one knows what these nazis will do these days.

They see monsters, dragons, terrorists everywhere.

But, if you persist in returning, check with US Embassy or US consulate closest to where you reside.

The nazis in control over here change their minds daily.
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