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I live in the county which is Sheriff jurisdiction. I awoke to my cousin and her 2 kids saying the POLICE were here and wanted to come in, also with them was the "head detective" who is known to be a "a-hole" in the community. I also had a female friend visiting. I went to the door which was opened, but I stayed in my house. I asked them if they had a search warrant, told them that this was private property ( which is posted) and that "no they couldn't come in." They were here looking for someone I don't even know. The next thing I knew I was yanked out my door, thrown up against the side of the house and cuffed. As the officer (he was hiding behind the detective as we spoke) grabbed my arm I heard it crack. I was told to sit on my purch steps and the detective entered my house and questioned my cousins, who ran into the living room after watching what happened to me. They were obiviously scared. While in transport to the sub-station, I was asked if I wanted medical attention. I said yes. Never happened. I was given a ticket and released within 15 minutes. My ticket states
"delaying officers duties". The next day my arm and hand were swollen and
in pain. I called the Seargent to report this and to seek medical attention. I even went to his office which I was told he was out to lunch. I called several times and left voice messages until 5:15 p.m. The next day, a Saturday, I went to the hospital, I indeed had a broken arm. I also left a voice mail letting the Seargent know what I was doing. I'm suppose to go to a ortho.doctor in 2 days (which is now). I might need surgery. I'm 50 yrs. old, 5' tall. I care for my 80 yr. old father so I have no income or medical ins. I shouldn't have to pay the medical bills, nor should they et away with what they did. Does anyone have any advice? I need to be pointed in the right direction ASAP. Thanking anyone in advance for their input.
The best advice would be to seek a consultation with an attorney that specializes in use of force complaints against the police. That attorney can then access any reports he might need in order to evaluate the strength of the case and the justification for entry or force having been applied.

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