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I have a issue i worked at walmart and i had insurence thru them i added my boyfriend on my policy blue cross blue shield was chargin me $142 every two weeks i signed my papers then when the payments started comin out of my check i was bein charged $300 every check walmart pay roll said that they were taxing my payments in case some thing happened there would be money for me is this legal for them to do and since i didnt use the extra money they were takin out can i get that money back
Talk to your payroll manager or supervisor.

Sit down with one of them, make an appointment, ask if they will explain it to you.
When you are covering a domestic partner who is not a spouse, by law the premium is taxed differently and you are "imputed income" on the value of the insurance to the spouse. There is no question that you will pay more, in taxes, for a domestic partner than you would for a spouse. You're also going to pay considerably more in premium for covering two people than you would for one.

So I have to question whether you really understood what the deductions were for and what the extra money is all about.