please answer. if do i get in trouble how much??

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    So my friend noticed some plants on top of a house by our school. He ended up getting some tree from it and told us (me and a friend) about it. We decided we should try too but im currently in diversion and i wasnt trying to get in trouble so i didnt wanna basically tresspass trying to steal weed and get in even more trouble. So later that night my friends, lets say his names john, comes to get me from my house around 11 and he was with some other guys we can call them tom and billy. Billy was driving and tom was in the passenger and john was in the back i got in and they were talking about what we were gonna do. Me and john werent going to go near the house cause we were trying to feal with all that so tom and Billy had planned on doing all the work. Me and john just stayed in the car. Thee house was a duplex and so they climbed on the right side of the house some time went by and a guy came from the left side. Tom was already at the highest level but billy was still working his way up. The man shined the light at billy and im guessing ordered him to get down (i didnt see much cause me and john were in the car waiting for them down the street) i told john to drive around the corner cause someone saw them and we didnt wanna get caught up in what was going on (keep in mind this is billys car he just wanted us to look out for it. Like 30 seconds went by and we saw billy running towards the car. No sign of tom. We was screaming the man stabbed him a couple times and he was losing a lot of blood. I was scared out of my mind and just wanted to be dropped off so i can go home cause i was trying to deal with all of that. John drove him to the hospital and took him in (this is what he told me the next day when i saw him at school) he then told the nurse is he could go and they said yes we will take care of him. I got visited by the cops the next morning and was asked questions told them everything and they gave me a subpeona to show up to court on monday (its friday now so in a couple days) i just wanna know whats going on and whats gonna happern sorry for so much to read but i needed to tell all details
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    If you're a minor, talk to mom and dad.
    If you're an adult, appear in court, be ready to tell what you know.
    What you know might be nothing, so that's what you tell.
    If you know lots of stuff, tell it when asked.