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    My boyfriend is in jail, awaiting trial. He has many legal questions, but his lawyer fails to answer the questions and I have a hard time finding the answers online. He wants me to find out how to hire a legal assistant (maybe a paralegal?) that he can call directly and find out answers. Does anyone know how I can find such a person?
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    Only lawyers can dispense legal advice.

    As he already has a lawyer, other lawyers are ethically bound not to interfere with his existing relationship with his lawyer.

    You can't hire a lawyer for anyone but yourself.
    You can pay a lawyer to counsel your sweetie, but that lawyer will only communicate with sweetie.
    Because you aren't the client, sweetie would be the client.

    So, where does that leave sweetie?

    He's stuck in the luxurious COUNTY CROSSBAR HILTON.
    You can ask a bail bonding agency if he can bond out, and how much it would cost.

    Tell sweetie he's stuck, nothing you can do except advise him to be patient.

    A COUNTY CROSSBAR HILTON is like the infamous ROACH MOTEL, critters check in, but find it impossible to check out!!!!

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    Unfortunately @army judge is correct about dispensing legal advice. Only an attorney can provide legal advice (in most circumstances and with few exceptions) and I don't know of any responsible paralegal who would dispense legal advice. If there is an issue that your boyfriend has with his attorney, it should be raised to the judge or the prosecutor / district attorney. He should first lodge an objection with his attorney if the attorney isn't giving him the necessary time and attention. Note that the attorney is probably worked heavily and needs questions to be asked efficiently. Best to put the questions in a list and give the attorney the opportunity to answer before lodging any complaint. Good luck to the both of you.