Domestic Violence & Civil Orders Personal belongings



My son and his girlfriend had a fight. He got arrested and charged with DOMESTIC ABUSE ASSAULT IMPEDING FLOW OF AIR/BLOOD. There is a NO CONTACT ORDER. He is currently in jail. He wants me to get his belongings from her place of residence. How can I go about doing this?
As long as you aren't named in the NCO (or alluded to as a relative) you are free to knock on her door and ask for the property.

If she refuses then somebody will probably need a lawyer for some legal action against her.
If I were you, ma'am, I'd stay away from the alleged victim.
Although your reason to approach her could be seen as innocent, it could be seen otherwise by the law.
Plus, you have no idea what your son had.
He might have guns, bombs, illegal drugs, knives, hand grenades, bazookas, or even dead bodies among his things.

If my son called me and asked me to be his errand boy to pick up his junk after pounding the bejesus out of a woman or a man, I'd say sorry son, can't do it.

Be very careful here, ma'am, very careful.