Roomate person staying with us went to jail

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My dad moved into our apartment on 7/8/14 with a oral agreement he would help us out with food, rent, etc. till he could get back on his feet. on 8/26/14 he was arested and booked into jail on probation violations and will be there at least six months. my sister wants to come get all his belongings car motor home personal things ao she can sell them and use the money to pay her rent. in the time he lived here he gave us 140.00 and said when ever we asked for help he did not have any money. he was giving my sister 400.00 a month to help her out. yet lived off us and would not help out even after he said he would. I have refused to give her his belongings and she has contiuned to call and text me daily with threats to report us for stealing his things. i live in bountiful, utah do i have rights to keep his belongings with out legal reprocussions.
You have no rights to do anything with his property BUT secure and protect it.
To do otherwise will expose you to the risk of him suing you for the loss of his valuables when he gets released.
If he sends you a letter authorizing you to turn the items over to CRUELLA, that might absolve you of further responsibility.
You should take pictures of ALL of the items, create an inventory, and if you get the release, have CRUELLA acknowledge receipt of each item you give to her with dad's written release order. In short, get her to sign accepting custody of dad's goods pursuant to dad's letter authorizing her to claim his property from you
Otherwise, secure everything and release it all to dad upon his regaining his freedom.
You could bring an eviction action against dad for nonpayment of rent and abandonment of his lodgings.
That might be easier, but you still can't keep his items or dispose of them absent official court approval.
Google "abandonment of property by a tenant in Utah" for a more detailed HOW TO.
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You/your sister can't sell or do anything with property that is not yours even if money is owed by the property owner. (unless you get court approval)
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