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Paypal stole my Money Consumer Fraud

Discussion in 'Consumer Fraud & Scams' started by Gfw18, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Gfw18

    Gfw18 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Hello here is my issue, I bought a car and paid through PayPal, then seller wanted more money, I refused to pay additional amount. The deal was voided and seller sold car elsewhere, seller is not verified so he can't access funds. I filed claim with PayPal to get money back. I have filed a police report against seller and online fraud report because PayPal told me to and I would get money back. I filed another claim, it was denied, I appealed it, and it was denied again because they say I authorized it which i am not arguing, but once the seller asked for more money and I declined, we went separate ways except PayPal will not return my money. Spent hours on phone with them. Then they finally told me to file claim with bank and I did, BOA filed multiple claims, BOA let me know I was denied because Paypal said I authorized the original transaction. I called back again, this time they tried to tell me I was past 180 days and there's nothing they can do, that I will have to find a external way of getting my money back. I can not afford to lose this money, I had to take out a loan just to get a car. I thought about small claims court, but in Florida small claims court has a cap of $5,000 and this transaction is higher. Don't know what to do at this point. I have tried everything, spend hours upon hours on the phone with Paypal and Bank of America. I would appreciate any help on this matter, I have given Paypal the police report, fraud report, emails from the seller showing that the deal is terminated. Seller at this point will have nothing to do with me since I would not pay the additional money he requested. I tried to get him to call Paypal.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Your options have been used.

    The only thing left is a lawsuit.

    How much money does the other party possess that belongs to you?

    You do have a prima facie case to pursue the money as the other party has been unjustly enriched.

    You, on the other hand, are out $6,000, $7,000, or more dollars and have nothing to show for it but a debit against your bank account.

    Bear in mind that even if you do sue and receive a judgment, you must then endeavor to collect against the judgment.

    A life lesson here is don't buy anything over $50 using PayPal.

    You'd have been better off buying an automobile from an established dealership.

    You might try contacting all of the TV show legal programs.

    If you're accepted, you'll get paid win or lose, more if you win.

    You'll receive an all expense trip to the filming location, clothing allowance, hotel bill, meal money, spending money, the amount you're suing the other party to recoup, and you both split an appearance fee.

    Otherwise, you're in a REAL pickle mate.
  3. shrinkmaster

    shrinkmaster Well-Known Member

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    If you failed to meet the "paypal" criteria to get your money back this will be tough suit. You are best served sitting down with a local Attorney to discuss your options and how to proceed. Take any emails, text, letters etc you have

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