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Paypal chargeback/collections issue...

Discussion in 'Small Claims & Municipal Court' started by kazacomy, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. kazacomy

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    Here goes... [phew]
    Dallas TX

    In december of 2007 i sold a latop on ebay using paypal as the merchant service to recieve payment. The buyer declined shipping insurance when purchasing the item. After the buyer recieved the item he made a dispute with paypal claiming item recieved as damaged and recieved not as described. After calling,emailing,faxing paypal every 48 hours for 3 months they mediated an agreement to which the buyer would ship the laptop back to my address with X number of days and then i would issue a full refund.
    The buyer never held up his end of the bargain and shipped the item to a location over an hour away and was not in anyway part of the agreement. The buyer then disputed the charges with his credit card company.

    I never recieved my laptop and paypal had forwarded along the chargeback to me. A few days ago i recieved a collections letter from paypal for the chargeback amount and after contacting them on the phone and once again going through the whole situation without any change in decision. i am now looking dowen the barrel of my credit score over someone scamming me out of a laptop.

    My questions would be what rights do i have and what can i do about this... or should do? I do not want to give anyone money back for an item that was delivered. The amount is relatively small but its the principal of it that makes me stubborn. At the same time I do not want anything to affect my credit score or charachter. Please help!

    and Thanks in advance...

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