Paid time off


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I work in child care. As such we must constantly supervise the children in our primary care groups at all times. If you are not aware, a primary care group is a smaller group of children assigned to a staff member to make supervision easier. Unfortunately, a co-worker was not paying attention and a a child from her group was able to leave the classroom. Because I was in the same physical room as her, and even though I was diapering a child and could physically not see her child leave the room, I was held accountable as well. My consequence is that all of the paid time off I have accrued was taken from me for 90 days. Is this allowed?
Then I can begin accruing paid time off again. It was explained to me that I would become like a new employee again. All the time I earned before would be gone.
This is not inherently illegal under PA or Federal law. If I were your employer I'd want there to be something in the handbook that expressly states this can happen, because PA is notorious for wanting employers to follow their policy. But there's nothing in what you are describing that is illegal under either state or Federal law.