Not sure if this is a hippa violation?

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Here is my story. I was in a bad car accident when I was married. Now that I am divorced, my ex does everything he can to hurt me, he has decided to call the insurance company and say I am lying of all my pains, surgeries, etc and switch sides... okay that is not the question.

My ex is getting information from his uncle that is an insurance lawyer (not related to my case) and he is getting my settlement proposals, depositions I had, copies of information from my attorney and the insurance company. Is this a violation? It seems he is has updated information before I get it.

Please let me know--?

Whatever he's doing (or not doing), you'll have to prove it; not just assert it.

If it isn't true, just keep pursuing your claim.

If it is true, it isn't your "ex" that I'd be worried about!
This is not a HIPAA violation.

Even if it were, all you could do is report the violation (and it's not a violation).
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