New manager yelled and grabbed my arm

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I walked into work and we were having shift meetings and I saw our floor plan was incorrect /the other manager who was out sick called to tell me to tell her to fix it. so I tried to inform the new manager. She yelled at me and waved her arm and snapped in my face. I started to get a little defensive with my words like I'm trying to explain but you're being snippy( that's what she called me). I came to the conclusion we weren't going to get anywhere so I took a step back to inform the hr manager via text. The new manager walked up to me and grabbed my hand so I told her to leave me alone ( she had gave me a anxiety attack) and she tried to follow me into the bathroom so I walked to the service hallway and she told me to go home. After I walked away from the situation. Her and the bartender called me a bitch and a child who somebody needs to get. Was I in the wrong or was she? Can she be fired for yelling and touching my hand In front of the whole restaurant? What can I do about her and the bartender calling me and bitch and saying someone needs to go get me.
CAN she be fired for yelling at you and touching your hand? Sure, if that's how management want to handle it.

MUST she be fired? No, not by a long shot.

Do you have any say in whether she is fired? Nope, you don't get a vote in the matter.

What can you do about it? Grow a thicker skin, realize that sometimes you get yelled at when it isn't fair for it to happen, and forget about it, would be my best offer.

No, it wasn't right and it wasn't fair, but it's also not the hill I would pick to die on. Life isn't always fair and neither is work.
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