New health care reform

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Under the online information that we found, I would like to ask some questions for information on the new health care reform...

On the temporary pool set up for "Interim High-Risk Pools", is this actually going to be affordable coverage in these pools until the permanent laws take place down the road?

Also, Regarding the "Continuity For Displaced Workers" Does this mean a worker that has lost their job?
And does it mean that the COBRA coverage will be more affordable?

Thank you!
None of this has been implemented.

This is still an unfunded mandate at the state and federal levels.

Most of this isn't scheduled to kick in until 2014 (or later).

Uncle Obama demonstrates his ability as an empty suit.

This might end up in the dustbin of history.

In the interim, don't wait on Uncle Obama to rescue you.

More than likely, Uncle Obama has embarked on his last two years, as a lame duck president.

This legislation, if it isn't unfunded, will be ruled unconstitutional.

Either way, its DOA!
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