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My boyfriend is currently on parole and his supervision was transfer to another state. He got DUI charge 2nd offense in June 2014, but his PO didn't violate him. He spent 45 days in the county jail. His PO told him that she violated him on that charge on yesterday. (September 16, 2014). He is now getting sent back to the other state for this charge. Why is this happening now and not then. Can his 45 days count for his days he got to serve back in prison? Not understanding why his PO didn't submit the paperwork then and she had me thinking that she wasn't going to violate him, but apparently she did. His supervision would have ended on Feb 26, 2015, so do this mean he would have to do 15 months in prison or 5 months? I get confused about parole laws. Not understanding why it took the other state three months to violate someone on a charge, so now he is currently in the county jail waiting on transport. This can take 14, 20, 30, or months before they come get him.
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It sounds like she was waiting to see how the charges would end before she decided what to do. The time will not be credited as it was not for the probation violation. That also might be the reason she waited. If she filed early he might have gotten credit for the time in jail awaiting extradition.
A PO can only request revocation. The sentencing judge decides after a revocation hearing has been held. A probationer or parolee up for revocation can request a public defender to assist her or him in defending the charge(s).

The 45 days is likely due to the interstate compact and jurisdictional issue.

There's no way anyone can know when he'll get out, because the hearing has yet to be held.

He hasn't been violated, only held pending a determination.
You'll just have to wait for the proceeding to be held to learn the outcome.
Whatever you do don't discuss his case.
The jail monitors every conversation and letter.
That stuff about remaining silent, it can't hurt.
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