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Neighbor disputes

Discussion in 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' started by GAKitten, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. GAKitten

    GAKitten Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I am seeking resources specific to a situation that is quickly brewing out of hand. So, I preparing myself with facts and legals rights/proceedors before it does.

    I single mother , legally blind, reside in Coulumbia County Georgia.

    My child is 12, has aspergers.

    I recently moved to a neighborhood from another state. ( June 2011) ever since I have been
    here every few months or so I seem to be blinded with disputes with my adjoining neighbor( no fences are up-for now)

    We do have seperating our yard a retaining wall ( only partically-front portion)

    This is a heavy miltary influenced area. This gent is enlisted Miltary, unsure which branch. He have never had a civial conversation, ever. the few times I have had a conversation with him it his confront me or trying to intimdate me on some level.

    Example Day before easter at 11 am, I started to cut my lawn and mid point he decided he didnt want me to because they had washed their white cars. Withou having a discussion with me, he stands in front of my lawn mover( all 6ft 7 of him) towers over me says nothign but "do you know who I am?" as i am supposed to know. My reply was probably harsh but if someone comes in my space trying to intidate me..he got my sharp tongue i basically replied I dotn care who you are, I have ---- to do. get out of my yard.

    He spent the next 4 hours with company included screaming Racial slurs and sexest comments and insults( go back in the kitchen where women belong stuff..etc) I didnt finish my lawn maintaince because I didn't want to push it to see how far he would go. I've waited to cut my lawn since whenever he is at work during the day time, weekdays.

    I have found him wandering clearly well into my property lines, looking around...made threating gestures at my service dog in My yard and has threatened me in indirect ways when I've caught him in my yard..and told him to get his behind out off my property. He is tresspassing. He will stop and watch me garden as he pulls away in his vechile( until I turn around and stare back) I get flipped the birs if he happens to be driving in his vechile while I walk to my mail box.

    What could be my legal means to make it legally clear before I have to go a PPO route, I am not tolerating this behavior and he needs to stop?
  2. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    Put up a fence if you want to.
    Report his threats or trespassing to police if you are worried for your sayfety.
    Obtain a restraining order to compel him to stay off your property and to avoid contact with you.
    Otherwise stop responding to his taunts and he may give up trying to annoy you.

    Since you are legally blind it is a wonder you didn't accidentally run him over with the mower :)
  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    There is nothing YOU can do to him.

    Only a court can order him to stop.

    Don't expect an order of protection to stop him, either.

    If he disobeys such an order, it'll simply get him a arrested and fined.

    Your bets bet in these situations is ignore people that behave this way.

    You are also FREE to call "911" when you witness criminal behavior or others disturb the peace and dignity and quiet of the community.

    Otherwise, hire someone to cut your lawn.

    If you're legally blind, such work could be hazardous to you or others.

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