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Discussion in 'Accidents, Injuries, Negligence' started by riv61, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. riv61

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    I am a paraplegic and have been so for twenty years. I recently broke my leg. I didn't know it was broken until I went to see my Dr. My foot and leg were bruised and swollen, but I have no sensation and thought it was a sprain. I went to my Dr. several days after the incident. She sent me to get an x-ray and a venous doppler exam. I was told the doppler was negative right then. The x-ray clerk wouldn't tell me about the x-ray results and said they weren't read immediately because the Dr. hadn't ordered them to be read immediately. They said the results would get to my Dr. in 3-5 days. I was pretty upset but went home anyway.

    I called my Dr's office the next day, before they opened. My Dr. happened to be the one on call so I called her cell and explained that I had no results of the x-ray and was concerned about the results and my leg/foot. I didn't hear back that day. She is off that day. I assumed since I hadn't heard things must be ok or simply a sprain. The next morning I called again and was told that I had a spiral fracture and broken metatarsal. I was pretty upset. The Dr. tried to pin it on the x-ray dept but I told her what they told me and she admitted she should have sent a wet read order. She also admitted that she "forgot" to call me. The last straw was when she scheduled an appt for an orthopedist 1 wk later and not immediately. I insisted on seeing someone that day and she called to arrange that.

    I want to see a different Dr. in that practice. I feel that this Dr. doesn't have the time for someone with the needs such as mine. I recently discovered that I have severe osteoporosis and my arthiritis ( I have Rheumatoid arthiritis too) Dr. recommended a osteoporosis workup 3 yrs ago. This was never done. I was prescribed osteoporosis meds at that time. The osteoporosis is the reason my bones are breaking.

    The practice will not let me change Dr's. I have seen another Dr there on two occasions for urgent conditions. I liked her and she has made some discoveries and suggestions the other didn't. The office mgr said their policy is strictly enforced. What do I do?:confused:

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