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Need some Legal Advice! Plz , my son got hit by a car

Discussion in 'Accidents, Injuries, Negligence' started by heavenly2521, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. heavenly2521

    heavenly2521 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    ;) I just moved into a apartment complex in Grand Prairie Tx.
    My 11 year old son was out playing.
    And comes home telling me that a lady hit him with her car.
    He was very shaken up had marks on his back and a skined up elbow.
    I went out side to see if she was still around and she was gone.
    My son said that he was running across the parking lot and she hit him.
    Keep in mind there are speed bumps and she isnt suppoed to be driving that fast to begin with.
    My son told me she got out of her SUV and asked him if he was okay. He said he was scared he was in trouble and told her Yes he was okay.
    So she then left.
    I called 911 they came out and checked him I got a Police report and service number.
    The next morning I went to the Apt office and told the manager what happened.
    She said she would talk to the lady.
    And to come back in the afternoon. So I did then the manager says, that the woman that hit my son came by and told her that my son ran out in front of her and that she had a witness and that she walked my son home and also that my son said I wasnt home.
    So guess what she didnt walk my son home and my son didnt tell her I wasnt home.
    See a little girl walked him home.
    Now as for a so called witness that was driving behind her, all of the kids that saw this accident happen say there was NOT anyone behind her.
    So I call the Police Dept and they say that they filed the case under something Info.
    But that the apt complex is Private Property and that they arent filing it under a criminal offense.
    Why is this??
    I'm very Upset.
    Please give me some adivice!
    Thank You

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