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Alright i live in minnesota. im 19 years old and was recently convicted of 4th degree assault/obstruction. Heres the story, i was drinking at a buddies house and decide to go to a different party but had one of my sober friends drive me there. when i get there i still was drinking and cops knocked on front door but nobody answered at 12. so we kept on partying and i passed out around 3am. i guess the cops raided the place at 4am. told everyone to go up stairs but i was passed out and i suck at waking up. not a good mix. they had some of my buddies try to wake me up for 10 min and then just told them to go up stairs.

Apparently i woke up and punched a officer in the chest.

No i did not!!! They tazored me to wake me up. Then i punched him thinking it was one of my buddies with the dog shock collar. I cant really say this happened though because i have no witnesses, 3 officers, and i was considered drunk.
When i was in the squad car they just told me to blow in the breathlizer and they practically made me and didn't even get to see what i even blew.

In the police report they said i was pretending to sleep but i wasn't. i got statements from two individuals. I also been to a alcohol treatment, and have been clean for 5 months. This is my first offense and i would never hit anyone intentionally. my mom is a probation officer for god sakes in that county too.

In court at my first appearance, the prosecutor said that it would be lowered to a disorderly conduct but he wanted to talk to the police that were there. Second appearance, the prosecutor said that they would take away obstruction but still want to charge me with 4th degree assault. I dont want to. now i have court pretty soon. But i went to court on august 18, and prosecutor said he sent a letter to the police officer. Told me that my next court case would be the october 7. no answer back. told me to come next week so the 14. no answer. my attorney told me then the next week. but then called my house and now told me that it wouldn't be until november 25.

I cant go to school because i have no idea how much it will be. I have a (AA Sponsor that might be able to go to court. I wanted to get this over with but the police officers are just ignoring it. Dont i have the right to a speedy trial?

I have learned my lesson, i am clean from drugs, Finished treatment and couseling, i cant go to school with all this crap going on, my family hates me now, and i get the point. What should i do?:

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll try to answer this more in depth later, I have to leave soon.


I wanted to get this over with but the police officers are just ignoring it. Dont i have the right to a speedy trial?

Almost all defense attorneys waive the right to a speedy trial. It's one of the first things they do.
There are open AA meetings your family can go to in order to understand you more, as well as Al-Anon. . .

What does your attorney think about all of this?The Prosecutor playing games by extending the time for trial/etc. is probably pissing the Judge off. Most like to keep a speedy docket.
They tasered you would mean you do have wintesses; just not the kind you prefer. Think about your questions - who was there when they found you; how were you found to be (asleep?); how did they wake you? why did they wake you? Perhaps ask for each officers testimony to not be in front of the others.

Im glad you sobered up (for good) but going to AA doesnt resolve an action youre accused of doing.

Are you attending school for an occupation that doesnt allow misdemeanors? If you have no previous convictions, I would think you could get an expungement with good behavior in a few years - may seem like eternity but wont be.

Its all scary. Anyone can be arreseted or accused of anything.

You might also want to check out SMART Recovery which is online or area meetings and is open to ALL.
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Hmm. Never heard of smartrecovery before, thanks for posting that. Where I live, everyone seems to be forced to AA, rational recovery is pretty much mocked.
AA is mocked or scorned by those who fail at it or fail to grasps its simple concept. I for one see AA results each day. My husband is 22 years sober using AA and its 12 steps. Fars as onine meetings as recovery lets just say I dont think my hubby will be attending those meetings. AA has saved countless lives and has existed since 1939 with almost no changes. Why" Simple it works and if it ain broke dont fix it!
In his 22 years, with no slips, he says those who fail stopped following directions. Where he says there are no guarantees, its his opinion that its impossible to follow program and drink.
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