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Need HELP - Legal Name Change

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by melrose, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. melrose

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    When my husband was born, his mother was not married and so his "legal" name on his birth certificate is her maiden name. Well, when he was ~1 year old she married. My mother-in-law applied for his social security card after his little sister was born and his ss card has his last name of the step father. My mother-in-law did not have the legal documentation to have his last name changed and he was never adopted by the step father. So he grew up thinking that his last name was the same and that he was adopted. Now that my husband is getting his commercial pilot licenses he must either produce legal documentation that he was adopted and his last name was changed or to legally have his name changed. So we are trying to legally have his last name changed.
    We are ready to have his fingerprints taken and the question is --- does he have the fingerprint card listed under the name on his birth certificate or what he goes by on his ss card and drivers license and all??? Also should the paper work/ documents that we fill out and submit to the court have the name that is on the birth certificate or the name that he goes by on his drivers license and ss card?
    I really need help because he is to get his fingerprints done in about 3 hours.

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