my 17 year old daughter ran away to her cousins house

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    I live in the state of Missouri. Is it legal for my 17 year old daughter to run away and live at my cousins house.? Can I make her come back home??
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    Yes, a parent has the right to do that which you inquired about.

    However, that involves SELF HELP.

    Self help remedies involving the law rarely pan out as expected.

    If you attempt self help, it probably will backfire.

    It might be better if you discussed this with state, county, and city law enforcement; before you find yourself in a very sticky situation.
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    She is under the age of 18. She is a minor who is under your care, custody and control.

    Due to an anomaly in your state law, it is unlikely that you will be able to get assistance from law enforcement. However, there is nothing in that state law that prohibits you from going to get your daughter and taking her home.