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MTR DEFERRED ADJUDICATION Arrest, Search, Seizure, Warrant

Discussion in 'Probation, Parole, Incarceration' started by abell17, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. abell17

    abell17 Law Topic Starter Guest

    Hi. Ok so my fiance has been on deferred adjudication probation for 5 yrs of a 8 yr sentence. He has had no further criminal charges. He has had a couple of MTR's for this case. The first time he spent 9 months in treatment. The second was just this past October 8th 2015. At the conclusion of that court, we were told he could return home until contacted to return for treatment facility (SFTF). We saw his probation officer that same day ( oh should mention that he was on probation in Greenville for Bexar County until May 2015 when he was arrested for MTR so had to see the original probation officer in Bexar County on day of court) She stated that we did not have to return to see her until after he completes SFTF since we live so far away and it would be hard to continue to travel back and forth and his Work really needed him there to run his crew. Ok so now it's a year later, and he was visiting his grandparents on Thursday the 20th. While there he was arrested for MTR. They only thing that Hunt County could tell us was that the warrant states MTR but it did not state a cause of action. So I instantly call his probation officer in Bexar County to find out what was going on. She told me "even if you were his wife I wouldn't tell you anything". As far as I knew, once a warrant is executed it becomes public information except for very few exception. So now he is in Hunt County on MTR out of Bexar County and his bond is set at $40,000.00. Not sure what our course of action should be at this time considering we cannot afford $4,000 for bond and I can't seem to get anyone to listen for a bail reduction. Also he takes care of me and my mother who are both disabled and it creates undue hardship on us when he is detained. Doesn't the warrant have to state a cause of action? Can he file a Writ of Habeas Corpis for lack of action? or a Writ of Habeas Corpis for bail reduction? Is there anyway to keep him for getting transferred to Bexar County?
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    army judge Super Moderator

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    No, warrants don't state a "cause of action", as you term it.

    He sure can, or his lawyer could, but it wouldn't help.

    The Great Write, another name for a "habeas" petition won't be of much value in his position.
    He's convicted, or deferred adjudication.

    Deferred adjudication is a great deal, if one can behave himself/herself. If one fails to follow ALL rules, one usually ends up in the custody of TDCJ doing HARD TIME!!!

    Nope, the Great Writ can't be used for a bail reduction.

    However, such a petition can be made to court in due time.

    Yes, the charging agency isn't in Bexar County.

    He';; get access to a public defender, sooner or later, so now you wait.

    That's all you can do, even if you were billionaires, you'd wait.

    Your boy messed up, he really messed up.
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