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Moving To A different State for joint Custody

Discussion in 'Unemployment Insurance & Benefits' started by Miller M2, Nov 6, 2022.

  1. Miller M2

    Miller M2 Law Topic Starter Member

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    Ahhh just got a call back from my ex-employer, according to them they told me that my direct deposit info was wrong, that’s why I haven’t seen my last check deposited… (go figure lol). Even knowing I provide the right information; they say I gave them the routing number twice instead of my account number and routing number..they said they sent it to another account… (yeah right), anyways they now say they will look into it till Monday and proceed from there, and My PTO check they sent it out on Wednesday according to them, as of today it hasn’t arrived. We will see what’s next in the next few days… Good lord!! Smh! I’m leaving to Arizona Sunday so my brother will handle my Mail for a few week’s until I’m settled over there.
  2. PayrollHRGuy

    PayrollHRGuy Well-Known Member

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    Happens all the time.

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