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Moving out from on-campus housing, need guidance.

Discussion in 'Moving In & Out, Movers' started by f4phantom2500, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. f4phantom2500

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    Hello, this is my first time posting here and I would like to start by saying that your community looks very professional and well-maintained. That being said, please pardon me for knowing practically nothing about my own legal affairs, but that is why I have come seeking professional guidance on my situation; I don't know if the rules vary by state or by landlord or what...so here's the story:

    I lived on campus at UT Dallas in Fall 2007, but transferred for the Spring semester. The leasing office tells me that I must put 60 days notice prior to moving out, or find someone to take over my lease. I didn't find out I would be moving until earlier this month, and although I had a few people interested in taking over the lease, all of them backed out. I am now seeking legal advice regarding the terms of my lease because at this point I just want to terminate my contract without having to pay rent for two more months. It would be ideal if I could get a reply before February 2, otherwise I would have to pay rent for next month as well as the cancellation fee when (if) I find someone to take over the lease, which looks less likely by the day, seeing as my contract expires in mid-May.

    Thank you,


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