More HIPPA hysteria

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I work as a paramedic for a small fire department. We are a transporting agency and fall under HIPPA law. Several months ago my department was involved in a very dramatic rescue. A couple of weeks later a person who had stopped at the scene dropped by the fire house and gave us a framed 8x10 photograph of the rescue. We hung the picture up in our day room.

Like I said, several months go by before a Battalion Chief took it down saying it was a HIPPA violation because the victims face was clearly visable. We tried to argue that since we didn't take the picture, we didn't create it, therefore it is not part of the medical record. That didn't fly. He said without permission we can not display it in a public place. (our dayroom has VERY limited public access but that is his arguement).

I suppose if we altered her face it would be ok but it would ruin a great photo. I'm sure if we had cut this photo from a newspaper or aquired it from the newspaper it would be OK.

Any thoughts?
It's HIPAA . . . Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

And it protects confidential patient information between healthcare

Paste a smiley face :) over the persons face if he still objects
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