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Misunderstanding fraud Consumer Fraud

Discussion in 'Consumer Fraud & Scams' started by Cck1993, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Cck1993

    Cck1993 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I have a long story but a very important one.

    I went into the (clothing) store with the intension to return a shirt whose color didn't work out with my complexion. In turn I wanted to try another color to replace the item or buy two of the same colors I have purchased previously.

    Now to not get confused at the time I owned a baby blue shirt and a navy shirt. The one I wanted to return was the Baby blue and I kept the navy shirt, in fact the navy shirt stayed at my house this entire time.

    I entered the dressing room quickly after knowing and finding the items from searching through the website earlier that morning. After trying the items I was in deep thought about wether or not I wanted to invest into a pair of bottoms. As I approached the counter with now my baby blue shirt that I at that moment was considering exchanging it for another navy shirt- I told the associate to first return the shirt while I wondered what would be more beneficial for me. To either purchase the pant with the current sale and combined discount or to use up rewards I received that week. I then told the associate I no longer was interested in either the shirt or bottoms for now and to just return my item. I unfortunately didn't pay attention to the transaction as much as I should've. When I got home I realized the associated returned the navy shirt as part of my original receipt. Again I didn't not to return the shirt I love the color and wanted to keep it. So I was returned an item I didn't buy and with that given receipt I was given back a refund of the shirt I kept.

    So basically to break it even more: I have a shirt that was refund back to me mistakenly and has a different product code to the item I have kept.

    I do not want this item to be considered anything negative over a misunderstanding between the associate in I.

    Again all I wanted was my refund for the baby blue shirt. I kept the navy at home. But I was refunded a store item that I didn't purchase (the 2nd navy shirt I was considering) and the item I didn't want (the baby blue).

    I don't know who I need to contact to have this issue resolved immediately. I refuse to be put in a horrible position for a misunderstanding. I have kept both receipts with me and I stared reading up on frauds and now I'm extremely worried.
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  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Please don't tell stories to justify things some might consider unethical or even illegal.
    Its never a good idea to try to explain, because that's when no one will believe you.
    No one gets into DEEP THOUGHT about what cheap shirt to wear with some cheap pants, either.
    Your story is so confusing and ODD, all I can suggest to you is pay what you rightly owe, or stay our of the store.
    Furthermore, just stop the madness.
    Don't stop for anyone but yourself.
    Don't ruin your life by doing stupid stuff.
    You and I know what you did, and I suppose I'm not the only dummy that sees the truth.
    Good luck.

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