Criminal Records, Expungement Misdemeanor in Arizona. Obviously bad judicial system, horrible charges... Help please

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I need your help. I was arrested at my house on October 27th, 2014, for basically being a nuisance to my family, screaming, cursing out loud from my room, you get the jist. However, I was withdrawing from taking some bad things, but am 2 1/2 years sober, and very proud. Here's the bad part, this event is really stopping me from working. The police officer said "don't worry son, you'll be home by morning." So it shouldn't at all have been 2 misdemeanors, maybe disorderly conduct or whatever it is when you are verbally being aggressive. So...

My parents went to the judge and told them to hold me for a while to rehabilitate me and it worked! Been sober ever since. The public defender, I could have SWORE stated, before me singing the release forms and appearing in front of the judge, "you signing here will be saying; you agree to take these classes, and all charges will be dismissed." I'm almost sure of it! If he didn't say this, he should have because I was literally going to be released overnight, but my family WANTED to have me rehabilitated, so jail 7 days, came out a new person. Unsupervised probation for 12 months and attended a Wednesday class for anger management (which I completed).

I go to my employer and he was literally signing the dot for me to work at the hospital, then pointed out I have 2 misdemeanors, one being Domestic Violence... it's not set aside. I was simply astonished, and said that to him many times, whole heartedly, and he believed me saying "I really want you to get a job, head to those courts and get this off your record,"

He also stated "You know, I give felons jobs, but for them, they do whatever, drugs, robbery, and did their time, 7 years, a year, so it looks better for job resumes knowing they were rehabilitated, but yours stating that this is a domestic violence charge, and not set aside, it looks bad. Employers would be afraid and it would make me look bad handing you over to work there."

???? Worse than a felon that did 7 years?? I guess it looks bad. I mean, I really want to go to the judge with parents by my side to have this dismissed, and they want to more than I do! I literally called the Arizona Supreme Court that day!!! Lawyers, you can probably make a big case out of this!! ...

At the top of the criminal record page it says:
"Current Status-Criminal" ??????

I am in no way, shape or form a danger to anyone around me in a working environment and this is stopping me from getting a job. All the applications I've filled out have asked "Do you have a misdemeanor, or have ever been arrested?" I checked no. No wonder I can't get a job.

What steps do I have to take to get this fixed?! I mean there's no expungement in Arizona, my parents literally told the judge to keep me for 7 days so I could rehabilitate, and now I have a domestic violence charge on my record... plus a disorderly conduct which may be set aside. I took Wednesday anger management classes for a year that was mandatory, and I'm labeled a criminal still. Need help on how to fix this. Job was in my hands, and have been held back for months for not taking action.

Thank you, and if you need my criminal record, just let me know.
Domestic violence, even if convicted of its MISDEMEANOR cousin, prohibits a person from buying or owning a firearm.

As far as what was said, it doesn't matter.

It's all about what was written on your plea deal, plus the judge's admonition in open court and the advisement as to what a guilty plea means. Then there was the part about no promises, inducements, or gifts to plead guilty.

Sorry, mate, they got you by the the old gonads.

In fact, they got BOTH of them in a DOUBLE G-NAD GRIP.

Forget that nonsense about expunctions, or his cousin expungement, too.

Once they convict you, only a full executive pardon wipes this away!

Pardons are reserved for scions of the wealthy, and the politically connected class.
No you weren't arrested for being a nuisance. You obviously don't know how things work. Also the police don't know what charges will eventually be pressed.

You didn't make sure before you signed something that could affect your life? Good job.

Some domestic violence charges are felonies too…and not all felonies are as bad as domestic violence. My ex went to prison for three years for burglary. They broke in after the places were closed. He has another felony for aggravated assaulted on me – I'm going to say that domestic violence was much worse than the burglary.

There aren't many lawyers on this forum fyi and lawyers don't troll forums for clients.

You can't get a job because you lie on your application. If you're answering "no" to that question you know they do a background check right? If my felon pos ex can get temp jobs you can get a job. Plenty of people with dv on their record end up getting employment somewhere.

If there's no expungement in Arizona then it sounds like you're screwed. Did you ever talk to a lawyer? Yeah once you're convicted of a crime, you're a criminal.
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