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This happened 7yrs ago it was a domestic violence charge. I did diversion and was told when I called it was dismissed. Does that mean it will not show as a charge on my record. So when i fill out job applications if the ask if i was ever convicted Of a misdmeanor do i say no. Do i still need to.get this expunged from my record?
Expungements don't remove convictions. Expungements TRY to seal or conceal convictions. Expungements aren't pardons. Pardons remove the legal stain forever. Pardons are as rare as Bigfoot, unless you're a billionaire.
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Since it was dismissed, there is no 'criminal record' but you do have a charge record and even an arrest record. You need to go through a process to have those sealed. To the best of my knowledge its not that difficult to do but some have argued you need to pay a lawyer but in this computer driven information age that is probably not necessary anymore.

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I think that what you must answer to a question "were you ever convicted of a crime..." depends upon the jurisdiction and context. Responding to the question of whether you were convicted on private employment applications, you should be able to answer in the affirmative. But this may not the case when it comes to responding to questions by or related to government, such as an application for some government employment. I believe that in some states, you cannot expunge crimes where you are found guilty after adjudication - Florida Statutes s. 943.059, for example.
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