Minority ownership in a condo building


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Hi everyone. I live in a condo building near Seattle and have a problem being one of a group of owners who own only a minority of units in an apartment building complex that is primarily owned by one party. They create issues when it comes to renting out apartments, approvals, etc. and it's clear that they favor themselves on any issue that arises, including with repair questions and discretion. They basically control the management company and management of the building. Is there anything that a group of condo owners in the minority can do to fight the power?
Is there anything that a group of condo owners in the minority can do to fight the power?

Yes, at least many options are available to the minority.
I'll list a small sampling, allowing you to create more, after you put your thinking cap on your head.

1=Endeavor to become the MAJORITY, then they'd control the operation.

2=Sell their unit and find better, more suitable housing to their liking, if in the minority.

3=Do nothing, develop thicker skin, learn to take it, plot becoming the majority for your eventual takeover, lessen your senseabilities; much as minorities have done with the creation of groups, governments, monarchies, schools, etc...
There are 22 units. From what I know there are about 8 that are owned by private people and the other 14 are owned by the company that built the building. I'd like to say that I'd have a thicker skin but several of these issues go even beyond the rental preferences, which is relatively minor but can be important when you lose out on opportunity to cover monthly costs and you must find others. A bigger issue happened when there was leaking coming into my unit that seemed unquestionably a building exterior wall structure and our condo kept refusing to cover it. They didn't have any strong evidence why I should. Only after some other apartments had a similar problem did they admit it and then covered it, but that was many months later. Stuff like this is seriously worrying me.