Men's room bathroom door always forced open


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This may not be in the right forum, couldn't find one that was close to my qiestion.
Anyway, a local bar in my area always forced the men's room bathroom door open, the stalls also have no doors. I know the reasoning for the stalls at a bar, to deter sex and primarily drug use, but is it legal for the owner to basically force the men's room door all the way open, when it is in a trafficked area and the mirrors allow full view of urinals and private parts. That can't be ok. Legally, idk, it is his property, but there has to be some privacy law, especially with all the transgender issues goin on. I have been sitting at the bar and heard girls laughing about things they see in the men's room, I know it wouldn t fly if he did the same thing to the ladies room. again, not talking stalls, but the actual enterance. I am wondering if this is legal, cause when I have closes the door for privacy, which took significant effort, the owner freaked out. anyone csre to comment? I am sure there is a privacy, public decency statute being violated, and why is it ok for the men's room and not the womens...something isn't right, if your an attorney and this is illegal I have felt violated numerous times. please let me know if there is recourse here.