medical records

What adjusterjack said. You might have to complete a form from the provider, but you are entitled to your own health records. Ask whoever has them for what they require to obtain them. You don't need a lawyer for this.
how do I go about getting my mental health records from butler county if I do not have the funds to secure a lawyer?

Why wouldn't you wouldn't simply visit the office of or make a phone call to whatever county agency has your "mental health records" and say, "I would like to obtain copies of my records, please"? And then complete whatever paperwork is needed and pay the applicable copying charges?
Does anybody else wonder why this was posted under the category of "Guns, Firearms & Weapons"?!

I'm GUESSING that the poster was confined to a mental health facility (or obtained mental health services) and suddenly wishes to procure a firearm.

The person could be worried if prior (or current) mental health difficulties could now bar procuring said firearm.