Medical billing sends to wrong person, wrong person on my acct & more

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Do I have any basis for a law suit?
Medical billing sent me a statement, but to my ex's new address. I never lived there, we have been divorced 10 years, we never went to the same clinic or doctor, we don't have the same insurance provider. I called billing and they said, after looking into it for a day, that the ex went to a different doctor 7-8 months ago, changed his address, and somehow it updated the wife's info to his new address. Both his doctor and mine have the same physician billing service. We still share the same last name. The supervisor said that it was either updated after he was asked it he wanted his wife's info updated to the new address and he said yes (he has a wife with a different name) OR the desk person just checked it off when they entered his updates into the computer. The supervisor said I was listed as his wife. I don't see how. She could not remove me from his account, nor him off my account. Three days later I called her again, since she didn't call me as she said she would. She said she finally got both of us off each other's accounts via corporate, but it was such a big deal that corporate is sending out a (confidential) bulletin about this situation. My ex causes me great trouble and I was very upset he saw where I went and why, etc.
What are your thoughts?
Thank you.
My thoughts are this isn't a lawsuit.

It's an innocent mistake. Nothing more.
Agree. Don't see where you would have a reason/case for a lawsuit. Billing errors happen.
Many return with the same question, because they want to be redeemed.
I remember this question and this discussion.

Smart people can make intentional events appear to be mistakes.
That's one of the advantages of being smart and not stupid.
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