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Mayor says I’m an eyesore

Discussion in 'Constitutional Law & Civil Rights' started by KHop, Mar 17, 2023.

  1. KHop

    KHop Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I live in a small town in Kansas with a population of around 450. I moved here in 2015 to live with my better half so she could run our office of our trucking company we were starting. We were about 50 at the time and she has RA which is progressively getting worse. I worked hard so she didn’t have to and in 2017 purchased a second truck, trailer and hired a driver. In the next couple years I added a few more trailers and hired owner operators to pull them. I was in need of a shop and at the edge of our town, IN the city limits was an old Gas Station/Restaurant that hadn’t been in business in many, many years. The whole roof needed replaced and much more… I talked to the guy that owned it and then then city council, that if I bought it it was going to take some time to get completely repaired.. They were happy I was going to do it and if there was anything I needed to let them know. Thing were going decent, replaced the roof in the shop area so we could use it, but quite a bit of stuff had to be kept outside like tires, rims, barrels, lumber and roofing tin which was put on unfinished roof in a pile with old tire on it so they wouldn’t blow away… Things took a step back when a friend driving my truck was in an accident and about 9 months later trying to avoid a head on collision I layer my other truck over. Shortly after that the City elected a new Mayor that had just moved to town.. One of the first things he wanted done was to get rid of my eyesore at the edge of town so people would want to visit or move here. So he had the Ordinance officer visit my property and determine if I had any Nuisances that needed abated.


    2 Friday’s ago they were going to arrest me because I haven’t abated these items on their list… when I tell them that I have abated every Nuisance on the list they get a little upset. I hired a lawyer to buy me some time but I’m at a loss… I don’t have the money to fight this … I guess my question is how does my Trucks, trailers, building constitute a Nuisance. The trucks are wrecked but I am rebuilding them with one almost done..

    A friend of mine said they are trying to take away my Civil Rights and that I should try finding some help and answers…
  2. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    Your friend is wrong. This has nothing to do with civil rights. It has to do with a load of junk that's in violation of city ordinance.

    You have conveniently blacked out the city, the ordinance number, and the date of the letter.

    The money you spend on a lawyer should have been spent getting that junk hauled away to the dump.

    Having long ago lived many years across the street from a similar junk hoarder I can't blame the mayor from coming after you.

    You answered your own question.

    Just as well, you aren't going to win it.

    Just out of curiosity, post a photo of the property.
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  3. Red Kayak

    Red Kayak Well-Known Member

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    Anything in writing documenting this and a proposed timeline?

    Any permits required or zoning variances suggested?

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