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    Garnishment, now paid in full but collection company continues to take money

    My check was garnished but the garnishment was paid in full after the second paycheck. They have now continued to take the garnishment even though it has been paid in full. I contacted them the first time they took the money after it was paid in full and they said they would stop the garnishment...
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    DPOA & Beneficiary

    I have financial DPOA for my 93 yo mother w dementia. I am her beneficiary on her financial brokerage account w major bank. I am also sole surviving direct family member--son. I would like to transfer her account to another provider w/o any changes to terms. I am being told by the receiving...
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    Separation into Divorce, Moving, and Children all in one

    I don't quite know the category for this to be honest, so I figure this is as good as any. So, here is what I have currently as well as my intent or wish for the future and I honestly just want to know if/when/what is legal or possible to be honest. I want to do this properly so that there isn't...
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    Mayor says I’m an eyesore

    I live in a small town in Kansas with a population of around 450. I moved here in 2015 to live with my better half so she could run our office of our trucking company we were starting. We were about 50 at the time and she has RA which is progressively getting worse. I worked hard so she...
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    Kansas Municipal Courts

    A Kansas Municipal Court has jurisdiction over city Ordnances however The provisions of an ordinance must be consistent with state law; the ordinance may not conflict with or be preempted by a state law. Under Kansas Law municipal courts must if no procedure is provided by code, the court shall...
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    Estate w/ NO Funds for Probate, Transferring / Cashing-Out Stocks

    We have not received the death certificate for our deceased, Intestate, elderly unmarried, childless uncle of 5 nephews / nieces so we have not begun dealing with probate yet, but we had a question regarding disbursement of his only assets which are stocks from three different companies. The...