Mandatory parole


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Hi I was sentenced to 2 years with a 3 year mandatory parole, and I did my whole 2 years in dwcf corrections and received an interstate compact to Louisiana, my case manager told me that they can't give me more mandatory parole than the length of my prison sentence now I've been on parole for 6 months and he also told me after I Do 6 months with no problems I can be granted early release of parole. I was just wondering if any of this is true can they give me more parole time than prison time and will they grant me early termination this is really a hassle for the state I live in as I don't get into trouble but how do I go about starting my early termination and what do I do
In MOST early termination of parole cases, the parolee must petition the parole board or the judge in the originating state.

I suggest you discuss the matter with an attorney in CO.