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I'll preface with how selective this university and graduate program are and the fact that I have an impeccable academic record.

I was subjected to verbal abuse, bullying, disability ridiculing, harassment, exclusion, hostile environment, retaliation (because the US Dept of education opened an investigation into them as a result of my evidence) and ultimately career annihilation (the damage/harm done to me is so severe I feel extremely unsafe leaving my apartment unless it is for absolute necessities like pharmacy and food)- I have documented proof of the critical decline in my physical health, mental health, professional life and social life.

The internal attorney/university office of equity misrepresented themselves to me, and instead of being impartial, they admitted to me that they shared all my evidence/emails/texts with the culprits, thereby aiding them change their statements and create documents retroactively (also documented).

Can anyone help or know anyone who might be able to, in ANY way...Please note this is my last resort, I exhausted every imaginable state/federal/nonprofit/for profit across the country... Including the Whitehouse/Pres. Biden.
Ps. There are law firms that will take this on, but the retainer starts at $75k and fees were estimated to go up to $1million. I am a student.

I'm praying I missed someone or some org
Kepp looking, you won't find any reputable attorneys TROLLING internet sites.

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I suggest you keep searching or learn to let slights and indignities not to affect your pysche and human spirit.

Sorry, I must close this thread for reasons mentioned above.

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