Giving Notice Length of Notice to Landlord of Vacating Apartment


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I moved from Michigan to Wisconsin in February 2015 for a new job. I had a tough time finding a rental because I have 2 small dogs, so I ended up taking an apartment sight unseen. When I arrived with my U-Haul, the landlady took me through the apartment and the unit was okay. We went to her office to sign the lease agreement (1 year). I was totally floored that they require a 60-day notice of vacating the premises rather than the standard 30-day time. I felt backed into a corner, as I had a truck to unload and limited options. Is this length of notification legal?
It's not a question of legalities.
It's a creature of the CONTRACT, aka, LEASE you signed.
If you agreed to the 60 day notice period, you're bound by it.
If you ignore it, it's not illegal.
It is, HOWEVER, a breach of the lease.
The lease you signed will address what happens if its breached by either party.
Bottom line, if you breach, it'll cost you money!!!!