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Landscaper issues

Discussion in 'Independent Contractors & Consultants' started by Spricer, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. Spricer

    Spricer Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I have landscaper that sent me quote on:
    front patio
    back patio
    river washed stones between houses.

    Quote was for $9300 + tax.
    I never formally accepted this nor signed anything.
    Instead I asked him if he is willing to do this for $9000 including some grass removal and new sod installation.
    He accepted this and this was only verbal agreement.

    Hi did poor job on front patio, uneven rocks with some dips and not straight lines on many places.
    I told him this is not good and he replied no frigging way I am redoing it again and he left not showing for almost 2 weeks.
    I have 5 witnesses that can claim that job done was not appropriate.
    I re-did this with my friends since I asked some other company for re-do job and they sent me quote for $2000+tax but it was to expensive.
    Also river washed stones between houses is poorly done since he did not remove old grass prior putting stones on top

    Landscaper showed up and sent me invoice for $9300 + tax from original quote which does not include grass removal and sod installation.
    Do I have case for court here or not?
    I want him to reduce price for my re-do job and also to get him to finish grass removal and new sod installation.
  2. Zigner

    Zigner Well-Known Member

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    Sorry - this forum is for US law matters only.

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