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landlord/tenent Quiet Enjoyment

Discussion in 'Other Residential Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by justnik001, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. justnik001

    justnik001 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    My fiance and I r renters in a home where the landlord lives we rent the loft and he lives on the bottom floor we have lived here for almost two years the landlords son also lives here recently we found out that they have hidden cameras in r house one of the cameras was or still is facing my fiance and I bathroom and they also have mirrors from when u walk in the front door all the way up to the second floor well when u look in the mirrors u can see right into my fiancee room we don't have a door on r room cause they have refused to put them in when we moved in he said he would have doors put in well he hasn't his son and him r always constantly causing problems and his son has been stealing r stuff and when we ask about it or bring any issues up with the landlord he basically says no he won't take care of any issues we have we have audio recordings of all r conversations since cameras were discovered they were well aware of us recording the conversations so the landlord says see u in court we Said great so the next morning my fiance and I went to the court house and filed restraining orders on them they showed up and tried to get a move out order claiming a bunch of lies the judge did not grant ours or theirs the judge asked if we were planning on moving we Said yes when we can afford to we r so the judge asked If we could live with eAch other until whenever e could move we Said sure no problem we have a third roommate who is supposed to be the mediator between us we come home from court they had disconnected the house line so we could not use it we aid u can't do that my fiance said that's the only way my medical doctors and my son CaN get a hold of me he said sorry about ur luck he has treated my fiance like a piece of shit every time she has pretty much talked to her now I have high blood pressure and my fiance has very serious medical issue going on that she has not been able to take care of cause of all the problems they have been causing I.e. turning off hot water constant harassment they have called us everything but white people we have a recording of him telling my fiance your beautiful but your more beautiful bent over the whole conversation his son and him were constantly laughing about it we have documentation pictures and recordings of all of it he has now given us a three day notice we need help asap please
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You don't need help, you need to get ready to defend an eviction action or move.

    If a three day notice has been received, expect to receive official eviction papers, soon.

    In your state, you'll have a little more time, but be smart and just go.

    Why fight like warring armies? I don't need an answer. You just need to get and fnd your own place.

    Plus, your kid deserves a home, not an attic.

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