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We have been in a land contract since december of 2008. We have never been late on a mortgage payment. The owner of the property this year came down to our house several times and harassed us about the taxes (which were not late). I made him aware that I called the County tax office and they said we had until October to pay taxes before they were late. He then wrote us a letter stating that we had 30 days to either sign over the property back to him or pay him the remainder of the land contract in full which is about 32,000. We have already given him approximatley 20,000 dollars. We then offered to pay him direct deposit from my husbands check and include the taxes in the payment. This was offered on a Sunday night and he said he would have to contact his lawyer first. He called me back within a 1/2 hour and said his lawyer said no. Not knowing our rights (we were scared) we started to move out of the property. We were not completely moved out and he went and broke in and stole some of our personal proprtey and put up no tresspassing signs. We would really apppreciate any help you can give us in this matter.
You might want to speak with an attorney.
You'd have to PROVE he burglarized your home, not just assert it.
However, if you say what you did above, you'd blow your case.
You admit to voluntarily having ABANDONED the property.
Even if he did what you allege, did he burglarize his own property.
Land contracts are often considered to be little more than leases, until the entire amount has been paid.
Late payments can cause the possessor to be evicted, not foreclosed upon.
Read your contract, know your state's law on such contracts.
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