Eviction Defense Kick out a roomate in a very weird situatiion

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Ok So I rented a room at this house back in August. Soon after in September another roommate come. Then a month later the owner leaves, lets the house go into foreclosure. I have kept the electric bills and cable up since then. All the while this other roommate flat out refuses to pay anything. So I just found out last week I have been approved for occupied conveyance and will have to start paying rent on the place after January 15th. I explained the situation to the guy and he simply wants to the house to get foreclosed on and states he will only leave when that happens or over 60 days from now whichever comes first. Again refuses to pay anything.

He does not get mail here, he has no lease, no receipts from previous owner. If I was to change the locks and put his stuff in the garage with a note, can anything come of that? HUD inspector will be here on the 11th and I would assume they wouldn't be happy to see someone here who was not declared on the conveyance form (i asked, he didn't want to give his info).

So I held my anger when I talked to him tonight and figured I would simply do this when he goes to work tomorrow. What is the worst that can come of it? If he did call the police, whats to prove he even lives here? If he did call the police what would they even do if I didn't even answer the door?

This is in Georgia, I really need this guy out before inspector comes and then I will rent out the other rooms to real tenants.
You do ANYTHING to impeded, lock out, or in anyway interfere with the deadbeat's tenancy; it could allow him to sue you.

You want him out, you'll have to bring an eviction action against him in your county court system.
Otherwise, leave his junk alone. If you proceed, you do so at great peril.

Furthermore, renting rooms is risky business.
Most adults who rent rooms do so because they can't rent apartments for reasons that run contrary to your scheme to profit by renting rooms.

If you're smart, pay your rent, live in peace.
Otherwise, you'll be chasing deadbeats for nothing!!!!
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