Kansas Medical Card benefits for disabled

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Husband approved for disability on 10/2009, no health coverage provided for two years, apply for medical card. Medical card approved February 2010, before the state of Kansas will cover any health expenses, he has to pay spend-down amount of 9,129.00. He receives 1006.00 per month from disability, I receive 260.00 weekly for unemployment benefits, I have only 12 weeks left. He was put on disability primarily for bipolar, however, he is COPD with emphysema and will soon require oxygen, has 5 stints in his heart and two blown discs in his neck that require surgery. He was to have this surgery two years ago, but, couldn't take the time off work. I was laid off in 4/09, he was laid off in 7/09. He can't get any of his medicine, see any of his doctors or have any procedures completed. He lays in bed most of time as he can't breath very well. If I appeal, what are my chances? He makes total disability per year is 12,072.00, how do we pay 9,129.00 so he can get the medical attention he needs? He says we need to get a divorce so they won't count my income that runs out end of May. Any thoughts or suggestions would help. Thank you everyone!
You should appeal the decision.
Your chances, who knows?
But, you do have a 100% right to appeal.
Many appeals result in a positive decision for the appellant.

Getting a divorce might be of more harm than good, especially if his health worsens.
It might not move the process any faster, and could hamper his having a champion to fight for him.
Stay married.

You should also write letters to your congressperson, Senators, Governor, President, and Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Do not give up, and do not quit.
There is help, you just have to doggedly pursue it.
Your unemployment allows you that luxury.
Your jobs should be to spend 24 hours of every day pursuing a remedy.
Start right now!!!
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